I was lucky enough to be able to shoot this weeks post with some stunning gold jewelry. So I basically built my outfit around these gold pieces. They are so feminine and a bit ancient times with there heaviness so I wanted to style something that was both feminine and flirty as well as being on the boho side.

And that is were my gorgeous two piece creamy peach floral skirt comes in! It just went effortlessly with the jewelry but definitely gave its own level of sexiness with two leg slits - I totally had my own Angelina Jolie moment! Plus it has a lovely wrap around that I tied in a bow. I paired the skirt with a simple coffee colored singlet that I knotted at the waist for some added affect. Topping off the outfit with the gold jewelry of course, a stunning necklace with peach fringe tied at the end (matched the skirt) and 3 amazing bracelets !! I also styled the look with brown leather sandals with a touch gold and a super cute raffia bag that actually had little strawberries on the front that I cut off (you can change almost anything). So we all can get stuck in a jean to pant loop but it's important to remember the maxi skirt, I know that you have it in your wardrobe as we have all bought it that one time thinking you were going to hop off the hamster wheel. On a different note, my shoot for this week was actually shot in an ancient roman archeological site that is about 40 min from my home, so I decided for a change of scenery why not go to some ruins? It totally adds to the feel of the clothes!

Jem jewelry | Alberta ferretti skirt | Pinko top | Steve Madden sandals | Zara bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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