When a blouse holds it's own ladies and gentlemen!! In this instance it includes stripes, but not just any stripes, the kind that is candy inspired, lovely puffy sleeves and a wrap around bow. I mean does this blouse not just scream girl, I've totally got you?!

I really do feel I hit the jackpot with this blouse! It's got personality to go along with an absolutely gorgeous v-neckline due to it's wrap a roundness and the fabulous bow that you can tie either at the back or the front as I have done that gives it a playful aspect. It truly does hold its own, while carrying and uplifting the entire outfit, turning it from a simple Jean cut offs and a blouse to something chic and a little fancy! As I said because this top does its own thing I styled it simply with high waisted jean cut offs, super cute white espadrille mules and a gorgeous vintage metal bag and a quirky red lego piece necklace to finish off. A shirt like this can truly be worn with any bottom; skirts, jeans or a pant. It defines your waist which is always a plus, and as for having a bow in the front it can and will hide your food baby (hahah) what's not to love !

Zara blouse | Forever 21 cutoffs | Soludos mules

Photography by Regina Raz

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