I've said it before and I'll say it again ladies, if you don't have a go to seamstress - you need to find one and keep one! For a seamstress is the re-creator of this gorgeous chocolate romper!!

This romper actually started out as a full length jumpsuit with a jeanie pant leg - I kept feeling like a cast member of Aladdin when wearing it (not so chic). So I took it to a seamstress and viola a super cute, casual yet sexy romper with open sides in a gorgeous mocha color that compliments my hard earned tan! I actually decided to wear nipple pasties, turns out it's not something I will be doing again haha. Anyway I accessories my lovely romper with absolutely stunning blue gold and brown rap sandals, that complimented the color of my romper, a gold elephant ring, as well as beautiful gold and brown beaded earrings. Now if you wanted to add a bag I would go for a delicious basket hand bag or small raffia in a neutral color it would most definitely be the final piece to topping off my look! To conclude rompers make perfect additions to any summer wardrobe and if you can't find the perfect one for you, find a jumpsuit and take it to a seamstress to get snipped ;)

(evidence of nipple pasties failure hahaha)

Guanabana romper | SHY sandals | Amaro earrings

photography by Regina Raz

(unfortunately my SHY sandals are a really old company & I can not find a link to any website)

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