Stripes!! Now I think it's pretty obvious and probably stated multiple times by yours truly that I adore a good stripe number, and if that stripe number is a pair of high waisted pants that allows me to pull of a classic Audrey Hepburn look, it doesn't get better in my book!

There was actually a time I didn't wear high waisted pants (I know what was I thinking right?) thank lord those times are in the past! I love these blue and white stripe high waisted pants, they are chic, and elegant as well as light weight making them perfect for those summer evenings. The addition of the bow at the front just adds a bit of femininity and cuteness to the overall look and feel of the pants ! Although me being me, I don't style them with a frilly top, oh no it's going to be a button up for me. I love the look of a clean crips white button up, in my case it's a linen one (keeping it cool) with high waisted pants, playing off a classic Audrey Hepburn, I however modernize it a bit by knotting my shirt in the front showing a bit of skin and adding a bit of sexiness to the outfit! Ladies it's a classic, easy and cool look to pull off - You don't have to go for a stripe high waisted pants but a simple clean pant with maybe a bow or a cool length like mine can be easily done! And if you don't have access to a button up in your own wardrobe burrow from your dad, brother or boyfriend if they have one - men's buttons up are a fabulous substitute especially if you are a bustier lady as they will fit you around the chest better than a women's shirt ! Furthermore the stripe pants make it super easy to top off your outfit as they are a loud piece and you don't have to over accessories it. I kept it simple by styling fabulous white woven sandals, with a gorgeous hand made raffia bag and a simple gold bicycle necklace... and viola you have a chic, elegant timeless look only slightly modernized. So try it out ladies see what pants and shirts works for you and have fun with the creative process !

Zara pants | Sacks shirt | Robert Clergerie shoes | Jamin Puech bag | Soho necklace

Photography by Roscoe Raz

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