Fashion can sometimes be loud, full of color and fabulous statement pieces that will always draw your eye, but it can also be simple, elegant and understated but nonetheless in its fabulosity and creativeness.

The ability to create a fabulous outfit does not always lie with the outfit itself, but in the accessories and how you top it off! Take my gorgeous outfit in this post, I styled a super cool yet simple white jean overalls with a white cotton body suit underneath, making the look a little bit sexy with the body hugging suit as the overalls obviously don't hug your figure. Anywho the outfit itself is simple white on white and only comprised of two pieces - overalls and a body suit, so where does the magic lie? In the accessories! Fabulous red suede sandals, stunning red gem bracelet and a gorgeous hand made indian stitch clutch! It's so easy and not over the top or complicated. You can go for a wonderful simple outfit not necessarily overalls (I love them) but jeans and a simple t-shirt or body suit/singlet will do, then go to town on the accessories and have them make your look!

**tip I always like to keep the accessories in a similar color pallet, thus keeping the look clean and not a hot mess !!

Tapeet Vicini shoes | Amaro bracelet | BadimTlv bag | H&M overalls | Forever 21 bodysuit

Photography by Regina Raz

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