Some of you may have guessed by now that along with bell sleeves and stripes I love a good paillettes number wether it's in the form of a shirt skirt or jacket - it's all fabulous. In more technical terms I'm like a magpie I see those little shiny circles and I bee line straight to them

Something I really like to do is style pieces that you would typically dress up for a night out and wear them during the day. One super easy way to pull that off is with a paillettes number, they are super easy to wear for a night out as they pretty much hold their own in an outfit! But you can in my opinion easily wear them all day everyday! Like I did here I took an awesome silver paillettes mini skirt and styled it with a super cool white graphic t-shirt (if you do not know who is on my shirt, you need to come out from under the rock you've been living under) hahah I'm just kidding but seriously, a graphic tee is definitely a cool way to go when dressing down a deliciously shiny skirt. Finishing off my look by pairing it with metallic leather sneakers, silver spiral earrings and a gorgeous tasseled black leather bag from Ibiza- really just complementing the color scheme of my outfit with the accessories. Ladies this is an outfit that can have a lot of variations, as you can go for a knee length skirt or shiny pant if your not comfortable wearing a mini skirt and play it down with a simple t-shirt or band/graphic tee while topping it off with a sandal or sneaker. Above all just have fun with it and let your inner magpie fly.

Mango skirt | Anvil t-shirt | Converse shoes | Apre's midi design bag

Photography by Regina Raz

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