Sometimes you just want to dress like your on vacation or like you have a cute afternoon event to go to...okay maybe not everyone feels that way, but I sure do! In the spirit of dressing and going with what I'm feeling, I took it to the beach with a flamenco inspired ensemble.

This is exactly what I did here! I felt like dressing differently to my usual go to clothes and I did wearing this absolutely gorgeous silk maxi skirt that can either sit low or high on your waist depending on what you are comfortable with, it's flirty and feminine and absolutely perfect for a summer look. I obviously went with high on my waist and paired it with an incredible crop top, with amazing layered frill sleeves giving it some serious Spanish flamenco vibes! I topped it off with beautiful gold beaded earrings and some simple brown sandals. Now in doing something similar you can definitely go for a simpler maxi skirt or not depending on how adventurous you are, however you can wear a button up shirt, a simple singlet or t-shirt or even a body suit - it will be the perfect summer vacation/event look that you can still wear everyday !

Jean Paul Gaultier top | Elissa Coleman skirt| Amaro earrings | Zara sandals

Photography by Regina Raz

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