Have you ever bought a tunic or a short dress you thought looked an appropriate length in the dressing room, but when you went to wear it at home said what the heck was I thinking and threw it into your "beach wear" pile, in that case the solution to this is in the following...

My dearest ladies I think we have all been there when we've bought a tunic or a dress that seemed to work in the moment but didn't when we finally went to wear it out. The solution to it is so simple...wear shorts underneath ! It will still give the appearance of a little dress but you will have something underneath that will make it a top and bottom outfit. (Never fear there is an option for a 3/4 length pant or jean for those who aren't comfortable wearing shorts). I clearly went with a pair of shorts underneath this incredibly gorgeous parachute sleeved cheesecloth blouse with its exposed shoulders that give it a bit of added sexiness. You can definitely wear a blouse similar to this loose and flowing around you, however I often times like to emphasize my figure so in doing that I tied a lovely blue and cream woven belt in a bow at my waist - it not only gave me a shape but added a pop of color to my overall cream colored ensemble. I wanted to keep a similar theme when finishing off my look, and I did so by styling super cute fringe leather sandals, of course the woven belt, a simple gold raffia clutch, a gorgeous dress ring and lastly, absolutely stunning pearl coloured drop earrings. Ladies to conclude this is really what Girl, I Got You is all about, I want you to go into your wardrobes and find those items you don't usually utilize and find a way to make it work in a chic in stylish way, exactly like this tunic that is too short for a dress but can make a perfect oversize blouse over a pair of shorts or pants!

Jens Pirate Booty top | Vicenza shoes | Isabel Marant belt | Samantha Wills earrings

Forever 21 clutch

Photography by Regina Raz (aka my mama)

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