How do you pull of a denim on denim look without looking like a classic western cowboy? Even though I totally love the denim button up tucked in to a great pair of jeans, sometimes I want to change it up a bit and look a little more chic in a denim on denim or all blue ensemble.

The answer to the question on how to pull off a denim outfit and not channel a western movie in this specific instance is pretty simple, and is done by simply changing up the style of your top! To achieve the look you obviously have to keep the color (not necessarily the denim fabric). Case in point this fabulous large bell sleeved blouse with its exposed shoulders and seemingly denim look is the perfect way to go to achieve a total blue ensemble with a chic and sexy twist! Now there is three very important things to remember when pulling off a similar look, number one make sure your jeans are either the same or very similar in color to your top or blouse (you don't need to look like a blue paint swash) Secondly if you are going for a bell sleeve make sure the size does not wear you! Find a bell sleeve that suits your frame by making sure it doesn't overwhelm you or make you look broader than what you are. That can be achieved with a blouse like mine where it starts below the shoulder so it doesn't add to your width. Lastly it is a super idea to break up your denim on denim with something in the middle like a tie, scarf or belt like I have done here with my trusty well worn leather belt. It will not only look great but emphasize and highlight your lovely figure! Moving on and topping off my super cute outfit is a pair of multi colored striped loafers and the addition of some lovely jewlery - stunning gold and brown beaded earrings, a simple gold chain necklace and of course bringing my quirkiness in with a gold coy fish ring. This is definitely a tried and true look, it's been around for a long time and keeps coming back so enjoy it and learn to have fun twisting it up with different styles of shirts and jeans.

Misa top | Zara jeans | Steve Madden shoes | Amaro earrings

Photography by Roscoe Raz - @roscoerazrobson

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