The shirt dress my good people has been around since Dior launched it's post world war 'new look' in the 50's and since then is in my opinion a staple in women's fashion. Long, short it doesn't matter as it is definitely a great and versatile piece to have in your spring summer wardrobe.

As previously stated it is super versatile, not in the sense that you can dress it up - which you can but more to the point of not only wearing it as a dress...surprise! Although I wore this wonderful blue and white stripe shirt dress (you know I love my stripes) as a dress, I kept it all very simple letting this piece speak for itself, and topped it off with cute white sneakers and a red love heart ring! However This wonderful piece is not only a gorgeous dress that can be worn with the sleeves rolled or unrolled and tied around the waist, but give a little strip tease just kidding but you can unbuttoned the dress tie the belt at the back and pair it with either shorts or jeans a cute plain singlet or t-shirts topping it off with sandals or sneakers depending on your weather and what you are doing for the day! Another great pant to wear it over the top of for a slightly more elegant and dressed up casual look is linen or cotton dress pant high waisted or otherwise and if you are feeling adventurous go for a bit of a flared bottom! Either way the shirt dress long or short and in any color that suits your complexion is a perfect addition to your wardrobe as you can truly style one piece into multiple fabulous looks!

Gap dress | Converse shoes

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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