Welcome to the 40s and 50s! Just kidding but in all seriousness this is definitely a vintage causal wear inspired outfit, with a touch of mediteranean vibes with a modern twist - simply by the length of the skirt...oh how times have changed!

There is one main reason for this super cute look and that is the magic of a seamstress! Listen up ladies and gents if you don't have or go to a seamstress get on it and quickly they are wizards when it comes to anything fabric related! That is how this vintage suede skirt went from being shin length and two sizes to big to being this fabulous high waisted mini! Thus making it possible to wear suede in spring. I styled the suede skirt in a 40s to 50s casual inspired look by styling it with a lovely linen button up shirt while topping it off with a scarf tied in a bow on top of my head (really adding to the old school vibes) stunning white woven shoes and an abundance of necklaces two being of the quirky kind - an origami bird and an old fashioned mannequin! Any-who the main point of this post is two fold; first is the importance and just the simple joy of a seamstress and knowing almost anything you buy or have can be fitted or turned into amazing statement pieces for your wardrobe. Secondly it's the lovely material called suede that can make for an amazing spring look with a button up or a simple t-shirt and sneakers or can be worn easily in winter with knee high boots (not heels) and a turtleneck or sweater. Either way enjoy having both while creating your own lovely looks.

Sacks top | Vintage skirt | Robert Clergerie' shoes | Chop Shop mannequin necklace

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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