I really do love playing around and creating different looks! I am calling this one 'the classics', not because the outfit or the individual pieces are classics, even though they are classic pieces with twists! It's because it is an inspired combination of Charlie Chaplin, Marry Poppins and Beetle Juice...can you guess which pieces are which?

I started with this super cool over sized button up shirt with "awkward silence" graphics on the front. Oversized button ups to me are a great pieces to have in your wardrobe, as they are classic pieces but with a twist- added an extra something to your outfit! Furthermore they are not only chic but multipurpose, obviously they can be worn as a shirt! But they can also be styled as dresses or tunics depending on the length by wearing shorts underneath. They can even be worn unbuttoned like a cardigan with a cute Jean and t-shirt combination underneath. I decided to stick with wearing it as a shirt by styling it with a great pair of pinstripe jeans, which are a fabulous piece for spring (if you can pull of pinstripe pants do so!) they definitely give an added playfulness and chicness to your outfit! However what really made this look besides the obviously awesome top and pants is the accessories! I topped of my classics look with a black bowler hat (did you guess which classic person it's from?) a gorgeous yet modern briefcase inspired black leather bag and lastly black fury sneakers...and viola Charlie Chaplin meets Marry Poppins and parties with Beetle Juice to create my lovely yet quirky outfit of the day! Now I know most people will look at this outfit and say it is definitely not for them, however if that is the case break down the look! Oversized button ups are a great addition to have especially for spring and summer, also as I said if you can pull of pinstripe pants do it! Have fun creating looks that suit you from pieces you wouldn't think to go for!

Cheap Monday shirt | Zara pants | Ralph Lauren bag | Steve Madden shoes

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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