An overall is such a great pieces to have in your wardrobe! Especially if you're in a hurry it's the perfect thing to hop into, style it with a shirt and shoes according to the weather and away you go!

Now when I say overalls I don't mean the baggy old farmer coveralls that you accessories with a piece of straw between your teeth (even though I have a pair like that!) I'm talking about awesomely stylish overalls that you can create incredible outfits with using only 3 items! Case and point this super chic over strap overall - they zip straight up the middle all the way to the chest giving them a more edgy and street look rather than an elegant chicness. I styled the lovely overalls with a gorgeous button up with big bell sleeves to give an added layer of softness to the look. Topping it off with multiple accessories - the first a pair of black and white high top sneakers, the second and probably one of my new favorite pieces is this vintage captains hat that my lovely amazing mama found in a vintage store in Paris for me! (Isn't she the best?) I literally wore it around the house when I first got it, I was so excited! continuing on I finished topping off my outfit with a silver ring - 'a bird perched on a branch' and a roller skate necklace, adding some of my quirkiness to my lovely outfit. As stated above overalls are really a perfect addition to any wardrobe especially if you need to be ready quickly, they are also very versatile as they can be worn in any weather depending on your outfit base, as well as being able to go from day tonight according to your overalls style, the outfits foundation and of course your accessories. If you are a person you has always said "overalls aren't for me" I definitely suggest opening your mind and next time you are in a store try them on - you may be pleasantly surprised that you can actually pull it off!

G-Star Raw overalls | Ralph Lauren shirt | Converse shoes

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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