Something I love about fashion is the ability to utilise and combine whatever is at your fingertips to create amazing outfits. For example I like to look the the mens sections of stores for cool t-shirts and button ups as they give a different style and aesthetic while broadening my clothing options.

Case in point this super cute short sleeved blue polka dotted button up, found in a men's section was just too fabulous for me too pass up (my sister totally gave me the side eye on the shopping trip) But look how fabulous the shirt is! Now because it is a men's shirt it is a bit longer in length, so to counter act that I simply left a few buttons undone at the bottom and knotted it classic movie country girl style. I styled it simply with high waisted blue jeans (tip- I knotted the shirt so that it say on the top of my jeans, meaning any height on jeans can still pull this look off) Also having it still be on the cooler side I have the added option of a classic denim jacket. I didn't want to be over the top with my accessories as I feel the shirts chicness level was high enough, so I simply topped it off with a pair of amazing Italian designer blue sneakers with silver stars and zips, adding an element of high low to the outfit and to finish a lovely bordeaux bandana styled like a tie around my neck. Bringing it home a couple of wonderful tips to have you checking out the men's sections, first it absolutely broadens your range of clothing options, secondly and most importantly to all my gorgeous busty ladies a mens button up shirt is the perfect solution when wanted to wear that style of shirt as they have more room across the chest while staying slim in the arms. My mama gives that glorious tip to all her big busted beauties and they have never looked back!

H&M shirt | Zara Jeans | Giuseppe Zanotti shoes | Wrangler jacket

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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