Silver and Black paillettes for me are definitely a timeless classic from dresses to skirts, shirts and even jackets they are an elegant and fun addition to have in your wardrobe, perfect for almost any occasion depending of course on the color and style.

If you are anything like me and absolutely love a good paillette statement piece then you want to be able to wear it at anytime of the day and not just at night as something dressy. Case and point I took this absolutely gorgeous pink underlay top with silver paillettes, plus being a spaghetti strap with a t-back definitely adds a level of overall sexiness. Wanting to dress down the fabulous top so I could easily wear it out and about I styled it with a lovely pale pink bomber jacket (y'all know I love me a bomber jacket!) a pair of light blue slightly ripped jeans - can you guess the brand? Hint it's one of my all time favourites!! Anyway topping off my fabulous pink ladies outfit (grease movie reference if you didn't get it) white converse, a wonderful masterpiece of a hand crafted raffia bag, a simple pink ribbon that I tied in a bow to create a chocker necklace and once again bringing my lovely quirkiness into my look is a pair of super chic Eiffel tower earrings! What we can deduce from this awesome outfit is that having a paillette number in your wardrobe is definitely a good idea, you can dress it up for a night out on the town or dress it down for some everyday wear, either way it will be fabulous.

Mango top | Zara jacket | Cheap Monday jeans | Jamin Puech bag | Converse shoes

Photography by Roscoe Raz - @roscoerazrobson

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