Spring is definitely on it's way in my part of the world, personally I would prefer it to remain cold but we don't always get what we want now do we? However now that is is warmer you are free to lose the layers and whip out your gorgeous shirts and blouses. An on trend theme for this year is the addition of frills, ruffles and statement sleeves on anything from pants to tops - I for one love this, even though I am typically not overtly girly in my styling I do love me some frill and ruffle. Case in point this outfit, how stunning is this cream renaissance inspired ruffled and frilled long sleeve top? Being such an amazing piece I really wanted it to be the focus so I simply styled it with a pair of light blue jeans. I decided to go for gold while topping this outfit off - layering some chain necklaces, while adding a touch of my quirkiness with a gold spoon and a rabbit ring. Finishing touches were gorgeous gold almost chainmail inspired slip on shoes and a absolutely wonderful hand woven raffia bag. An important thing to remember when buying and styling with ruffles and frills is to make sure you are wearing the piece and not the other way around - if your figure is slimmer in size you can have more volume to your shirt or pants and if you have a fuller figure stick to either frills and ruffles on either the arms or bodice while having the bottom half of the outfit fitted i.e. tight skirts and pants. Don't be shy, enjoy all these fun trends this season.

Mes Demoiselles blouse | Jamin Puech bag | Steve Madden shoes

Photography by Roscoe Raz

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