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One of the main challenges when dressing and styling during winter and fall is how to maintain a level of sexiness and elegance while bulking up to keep warm. A fabulous way to do that if the weather permits is with an off the shoulder sweater, knitted or otherwise. If the weather is a little fickle and you still want to wear your gorgeous off the shoulder sweater you can style it with a turtle neck top underneath in complimenting colors or tie a bulky scarf around your neck, you will still get the off the shoulder look but you'll be warmer doing it. I've done it here with this absolutely gorgeous off the shoulder knitted sweater, with it's cool tribal patterns and stunning kimono sleeves it does resemble a poncho however it is not as it comes in and ends just below the waist making it the perfect sweater to pair with high waisted jeans. I topped off this super cool sexy winter bohemian look with a pair of rich brown ankle boots with a belt to match. A beaded handcrafted masterpiece of a bag, with the finishing touches being twig inspired gold earrings and a antlered deer ring. With it's chic, sexy and elegant style this outfit is perfect for either day or night - sticking to base colors like cream, brown, blue, black or grey will make it supremely easy to change from day to night with just a change of boot and accessories it will surly be a success for almost all nights out.

Ralph Lauren sweater | Zara jeans | Jamin Puech bag | Manufacture d'Essai boots |

Razili earrings

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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