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Banker stripes are a huge trend especially coming into 2017. This Wall Street inspired style is being played with to work and blend in with your everyday outfits. Now if you know me you know I love a good stripe (I've said it enough) so if I get the opportunity you bet I'm going to take it! And I did right here in this chic layered look. Styling my pin stripes with this gorgeous waist length grey sweater, with its oversized sleeves and crisscrossed front to a cut out back, it's a perfect sweater that was chicified into a collectible statement piece. A waisted sweater is also the perfect addition to layer over a plain shirt or button up (as I have done) as it brings in your waist and definitely highlights and enhances your gorgeous figures. I styled down my outfit by pairing it with blue denim jeans and some converse - however this is definitely a look you can dress up for a casual night out, by styling it with a darker undershirt and skinny jean while pairing it with a pair of pumps or heeled boots. To top it off I pinned a pair of Star Wars storm trooper earrings into the button holes of the collar, that I folded out of the sweater. This is a super cute idea for accessorizing your men's shirt, you obviously doesn't have to take the quirky route like I have done, but even some pearl look a like earrings or diamonds can give you that added chicness and style to your outfit.

Cheap Monday sweater | Ralph Lauren shirt | Lee Cooper jeans | Converse shoes

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @rocscoerazrobson

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