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Knit is definitely a staple during cooler times and I'm not talking about the bad christmas sweater some are coerced into wearing because a certain family member was kind enough to knit it for them. Im talking about gorgeously crafted sweaters, cardigans and scarfs without the rain deer/santa vibe. In all seriousness a knit piece is a must have for any winter wardrobe. Now if any of you have had a look through "my day" here on Girl I Got You, you may have noticed I'm not too big a fan of colors unless it's bordeaux, red or blue and what do you know all of the above appear in this outfit! My favourite colors all combined in this gorgeous long knitted statement cardigan, can you say perfect find or what! I styled this splendid knit with a gorgeous rich bordeaux peasant top and baggy ripped blue denim jeans. Topping it all off with super cute heeled ankle boots with tasseled zips, awesomely quirky earrings my generous brother designed during a trip to India - inspired by a girl holding a kite, adding to the jewelery department a simple long gold chain necklace. Continuing on I have the addition of a silk tie that I used as a belt - this is a great styling tip! If you need something to hold your pants up or just generally like the belted look (I know I do) a men's tie or a scarf is a great substitute, coming in all different colors and prints - makes them perfect for matching any outfit, another great idea with a tie is to actually use it to belt the cardigan at the waist, giving you two outfit options in one. Just be aware when playing around with a big knit piece to not overwhelm the outfit - make sure you wear it and that it doesn't wear you.

Zara knitted cardigan | Christophe Sauvat top | American Eagle jeans | Steve Madden boots |

Paco Rabbane tie

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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