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Bomber jackets or flight jackets (original term) have literally been around for almost 100 years how crazy is that!! First designed to keep military pilots warm while flying the bomber jacket has become a part of our popular culture as well as a huge and growing trend in the last 2 years. I am definitely a fan of the jacket, as they are stylish, chic and edgy - while the range of colors and interpreted styles offer plenty of daily outfit options and inspirations. The one I am wearing in this outfit is a gorgeous burgundy MA1 bomber jacket from Zara, as soon as I saw it I had to have it! I loved the cut and style but it was most definitely the color that sold me as I am a lover of any and all burgundy and bordeaux color schemes. I paired my wonderful jacket with black high wasted Cheap Monday jeans, a basic black t-shirt and topped it off with a chic and sexy pair of suede knee high boots from Aldo as well as a stunning Georgio Armani scarf that I wrapped around my neck in a chocker style. If you haven't already I would definitely recommend going out and buying a bomber jacket - they are chic, stylish, timeless and can be dressed up or down according to your outfits foundation. Also by being military inspired it offers an edginess to any look however depending on the color and style, can be feminine and flirty as well. With the wide range of interpreted styles and colors the bomber jacket is the perfect addition to any wardrobe.

Tip - how I tied my scarf: fold your scarf in half corner to corner, to make a triangle. Taking the pointy side continue to fold it in on itself until reaching the end (make sure it is not too wide) then tie the scarf around your neck - tying it at the back (I tucked the long end into my jacket) and viola chocker scarf!!!

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerobsonraz

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