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Im finally getting a little taste of winter people! Unfortunately it's not as much as I would like but I'll take what I can get. I love a good winter wardrobe - all the options and warm fabrics, how can you not enjoy it! With it getting colder I finally got the chance to wear this gorgeous silver almost tinsel inspired turtle neck sweater (or jumper depending on your country of origin) from Cheap Monday. A sweater similar to this is definitely a great piece to have in your winter wardrobe, because it's not your standard black, brown or grey it will add chicness and pazzaz to your chosen outfit. When I'm planning to wear a sweater for the day, turtle neck or regular and depending on how cold it is, I always love to style them with a blazer, coat or jacket. I have done it here with a stunning dark grey wool Ralph Lauren blazer, which I feel adds a little sophistication to the look. I paired my awesome shinny sweater and warm blazer with off black jeans also courtesy of Cheap Monday and topped the whole outfit off with a really cool and edgy pair of studded shoes from Scorett which I picked up on a holiday in Sweden. I highly recommend going for a metallic sweater as a staple in your wardrobe - they are never out of style and can always transition from day to night by throwing on a pair of heels and some fancy earrings.

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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