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This sequin jacket by Imperial is absolutely one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe! I mean how can it not be? It's black and silver sequins, which I love and is definitely my go to color scheme in anything sequin. Plus it's got this military design to it, with the shoulder strap and the overall fit of the jacket that gives off an extra edginess. I highly recommend having a jacket similar to this in your collection of pieces - it's fancy and feminine with it's sequins while being edgy with it's cut and color. It is a style of jacket that can be dressed up or dressed down simply by your outfits foundation. In this instance I feel I have styled this jacket at a midway point between dressy and simple, by pairing it with skinny high waisted jeans from my go to place Cheap Monday (literally no jeans sit better on me than Cheap Mondays - as they offer different height to length ratios that suit most if not all body types) combined those with these militarised heeled ankle boots from Disco Rosso, and we are definitely on our way to a dressed up outfit. However i halt it there by adding a super cool vintage Beatles t-shirt I found at a pop up vintage store. The colors of the shirt go beautifully with the jacket and even the jeans - keeping the overall outfit chic yet glamorous and totally able to move between dressed down to dressed up. If your not sure how to take this jacket and dress it up more, you can start by changing the chunky boot for a slimmer more feminine style or going to a strappy heel altogether depending on the weather. Keep the top underneath to a basic, although having the shirt be sheer or just in a sexy cut, will get you to the dressiness you need. If you're looking for a more dressed down look then the one I did, you can simply switch the shoes to a fashionable sneaker and the shirt to a basic keeping the color neutral, i.e. black or white, depending on the color of your jacket, top it off with a small tie scarf and viola you've done it. Style it up, style it down but most of all style it to you.

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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