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One of my favourite colors to wear and have in my wardrobe is red! It's a great colour to have in your arsenal, whether it's a shoe, jacket, t-shirt or just a great lip stick - it all works. However the most important thing when adding a color to your collection is making sure it is the right shade for you! If you're a blonde you want to lean more towards a red-orange, while if you are a brunette like me you can go for a deeper hue, and if you are lucky enough to never need a tan you can play with pretty much the whole spectrum of colors you lucky ducks. In this more fitted and tailored look I'm wearing a classic pair of ripped black jeans that I paired with a super cute t-shirt featuring the one and only Nicole Warn aka Garrypeppergirl (google her and be amazed) and a chic tailored red blazer both are from Zara! I topped it off with these incredibly gorgeous shoes from Kalliste' - adding chicness and some femininity with the color and bows. As you can see I have worn everything I gave an example for in wearing a color from the shoes to the lip, so it's important to note than when doing a similar feat, make sure your base is neutral! i.e black or denim with a white shirt, as well as keeping the jewellery to a minimum - it's christmas time and no one needs to be mistaken for a tree. To end find your colour, find your shade and above all be true to you when doing it!

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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