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Long coats people...Oh how I enjoy them! They are definitely a staple to have in your wardrobe as they range from summer/spring to winter and fall depending on their fabric and overall 'heaviness' (look). Mine is a gorgeous linen stripped coat because you guys know I love my stripes, by Eva Mendelbaum, it's super lightweight and perfect for warmer weather. I styled it with vintage black leather shorts from Diesel to give the look some edge - these shorts were actually knee length and huge on me, but with a wonderful seamstress (as mentioned in my jumpsuit post they are a must) I shortened and tailored them to perfection. I paired it with a white Majestic t-shirt and super chic paillette sequin espadrilles from Humat. If you are going for a similar lightweight coat and prefer a more fitted and tailored look, you can stye it with fitted demin jeans and a waisted belt - to highlight your figure. Definitely feel free to pair it with a strappy sandal heel or fashionable sneaker that matches the color scheme of your coat, but always remember to make it your own.

photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerobsonraz

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