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The Pencil Skirt, I feel has always been put under the title of work attire, an outfit that is corporate and suitable for a life in business. I however love the style and shape of a good pencil skirt and how it elongates a woman's figure. So I enjoy wearing them outside of a corporate scene. I styled a simple black Zara skirt with a cool printed T-shirt that I knotted at the waist instead of tucking it in, a pair of furry black slip on sneakers from Steve Madden, a really wonderful leather tasseled bag from Bltrx and to top it off silver carousels to hang off my ears. There is definitely a few ways you can style a classic pencil skirt, I would recommend if your going for a similar look, to stick to a graphic or printed shirt to give the look some edge and make it more everyday (tie it in a knot or tuck it in your choice) you can go with a pair of fancy sneakers or sandals depending on the status of the weather, even a heel if you're one of those lucky ladies that can strut all day in sky highs. Add a jacket if needed and finish it off with a bag to match.

Tip - how I knotted this T-shirt so it wouldn't bulge: pull the shirt out in front of you, take two pieces from the front in each hand and perform a under/over like a shoelace and viola a non bulgy knot.

Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson

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