November 3, 2016


This outfit is definitely an example if not 'the' example of how you can take a simple and basic outfit; ripped denim jeans - these are from a little boutique in Bucharest Romania, a cool singlet mine is a halter neck from rag & bone and a pair of black high top converse or any type of fashionable sneaker and style it with an amazing statement accessory! I did it here with a gorgeous Balassiano leather fringe necklace that I got from a wonderful boutique near my house called 'Pure Boutique'.  The main point that I am sharing with you here, is that by combining a simple look with a great and unique statement accessory (don't be afraid to be bold) you can create a stylish and personalised look.


Photography by Roscoe Raz - instagram @roscoerazrobson 


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